My parents paid £10 for this piano from our local pub when I was 8 years old. Dad managed to bring it up to the farm on the back of his tractor. After some recent renovation (400 quid’s worth thank you), it’s still going strong. 

Mum and I have been singing together since I was around 12 years old. Although I enjoyed practising all my classical pieces, I loved to switch over to the lighter style. Many evenings were enjoyed by guests sitting in the lounge listening either to mum and myself, or mum on her guitar playing folk songs, and dad joining in with some harmonies. In fact everyone joining in with the more popular songs. Our musical soirees became quite a thing with regular guests returning year after year. 

Later on during my time at home from travelling abroad and after mum’s duties in her guesthouse, we’d pour ourselves a large G&T and retire to the piano together. Memories of those times are very precious. The singing and playing weren’t bad either come to think about it!



My mum singing "One Night of Love", with me as the accompanist.


Both of us singing "Today"

Recordings by Graham Beck