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Miss Painting was an excellent performer proving very popular with our guests, including many locals who returned nightly to enjoy her singing. She is hard-working and very conscientious and, unlike many entertainers, is helpful and responds quickly and eagerly to management requests. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone... and would always welcome her back any time to Newport
David Talboys General Manager. Hilton National Hotel, Newport, South Wales
"Miss Painting has received a very good response from our demanding clientele due to her talent, her large repertoire, and expression of play. Moreover, her friendliness and sympathetic way to communicate with people not only have been major criteria for the employment with us, but are natural to Miss Painting".
Frank Marrenbach Managing Director. Brenner's Park Hotel, Germany.
".....In the capacity of singer/musician, Amanda was a crowd-puller in the true sense of the word. Her lively repertoire attracted much interest amongst local and expatriate people and the Bar Al-Goubet enjoyed unsurpassed takings".
Clive Howard Resident Manager. Djibouti Sheraton Hotel, East Africa.

A whole load of synchronistic events led to my radio show. I was driving home one day when out of the blue I felt the urge to do some broadcasting for the first time in my life. I'd just finished reading Wayne Dyer’s "Inspiration, The Ultimate Calling" where he explained when we feel inspired to do something, that is our Higher Self calling us to fulfill our heart’s desire. I knew I had to do something NOW!

Two days later I was in Lampeter and picked up a brochure advertising Radio Wales who were going to be in town for about a month. One of the events was a workshop for people interested in broadcasting for the first time. I made enquiries immediately and there was one place left! They asked me to put a few ideas together to make a 6 or 7 minute recording. I made the CD "SINGchronicity to die for". Amazing Grace, {audio}Amazing Grace|schron.mp3{/audio} the backing music is from my album ‘On My Own’.

Around that time I was looking at a local website and saw an mail link from one of Radio Ceredigion’s DJs. I asked him how to go about getting a foot in the broadcasting door. "Did I have a CD of my speaking voice?" he emailed. I’d just made one! Then driving to work I pressed the wrong button on the radio and heard "Radio Ceredigion in The Old School House...." this was right opposite where I was working so I called in.

I was offered a 12 week slot for 1 hour a week combining chat about some of my stories on the road as a musician, with music and a guest with some link to the music business. It’s been a really exciting period in my life, absolutely terrifying working in an unknown area not being able to see any of my audience. But this small taster has without doubt given me the incentive to do more. I’d love you to tune in either with your own input or simply to listen to the show.

I must be doing something right, here is an excerpt from an amazing letter sent to me by one of my Mind Body Spirit guests, Susan Smith Jones, PhD :-"I am truly inspired by your extraordinary ability to take complex ideas and research, or an author’s interview material, and create an enthralling program that interests all of your listeners. Your enthusiasm, vast experience and superlative knowledge of current events, along with a deep understanding of your guests’ fields of interest, are a true gift to your audience. And if that weren’t enough, your wit, wisdom, and humor blend in a way to create a truly contagious field of high-level energy."

With the continued theme of having the courage to follow our dreams, I’ve added a second slot towards the end of the hour where I’ll be inviting someone on for 5 minutes to talk about their career which they love. These audio clips are of my first guests in the new slot in my radio show.

Margaret Short (mp3 version - 6mins), {audio}Margaret Short|mshort.mp3;Stella Hooper|stellahooper.mp3{/audio}
Stella Hooper (mp3 version - 8mins 48secs){audio autostart:no}Stella Hooper|stellahooper.mp3{/audio}

Click here for YouTube and listen to some of the interviews with my amazing guests.

Please check out my guest galleries:-
Music and Entertainment, 
Mind, Body, Spirit guests 
Adventurers and Inspirational guests


Comments from Guests

  • "Amanda Painting's radio show is a breath of fresh air in a world that so desperately needs to hear that we can all make our dreams come true. She is an inspiration to so many of her listeners. It is just a shame that her warmth, wisdom and encouragement are not yet available to a much wider listening public" Jane Rogers (co-author - The Radiant Woman)
  • " ...thank you for all you have done this year. Our authors always thoroughly enjoy being interviewed by you and we very much appreciate the publicity it gives the books, it is a real joy to work with you - here is to many more successful interviews in 2010!".Jessica Crockett (Press Officer for Hay House Publishers)
  • "It was a pleasure to be on your show - one of the best interviews I’ve done in a long time. I wish you every success with your career on radio - you sure make your guest feel at ease and you do the ground work".Jacqueline (author - Your Health Is Your Wealth)
  • "I want to simply express my great appreciation for the interview yesterday. I’ve had different radio interviews around the world, but your approach and manner was special. You clearly have a natural skill in relating to people, opening up their passions and unique experiences, whilst maintaining a good rhythm and edge to the interview".Mark Ballabon (author: Why is the Human on Earth?)
  • "I find that your style of interviewing makes a person feel relaxed and able to talk from a place in themselves that touches a greater depth. This ability makes for a much more interesting interview and it’s fun too!" Clare Zeevi (artist and lecturer)
  • "Thanks so much for having me on your show. You do a great interview, and your spirit shines!" Sharon Klingler (international speaker, author and clairvoyant)
  • "Thanks for organising the radio interview on your Show on Radio Ceredigion. As you know, I've done a number of interviews on our various radio stations here on the Surrey Hampshire borders, including BBC and ITV/Meridian, and I have to hand it to you. You made this one the easiest of all!" Peter (Organiser Grayshott Concerts)
  • "Mandy, you are so good at this interview thing. Your intelligent questions and warm, calm, fun and "switched on" responses helped me feel comfortable and free. A sweet and moving experience to be interviewed by you. Thank you!" Susannah Darling Khan (School of Movement Medicine)

On My Own

Fans of Amanda's music have been delighted with this album. Working in the studio allowed her to put the vocal and instrumental tracks down seperately. Worth mentioning is Track 14, Amazing Grace, which Amanda sang at her father's funeral. 

If you are a lover of beautifully arranged and well-produced easy-listening music, then this CD is definitely for you.

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