Feedback - from Norma McCarten, Trainer and Learning & Development Coordinator, Circles Network, Rugby. 
"Mandy is exactly the kind of musician we love to have around, she is inclusive in her approach and understands that song is for everyone"
Currently, I'm working on a regular basis privately, and with Age Concern, visiting Day Centres in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire entertaining older people, an extremely rewarding, and satisfying job.   I have also made some serious enquiries into doing similar Workshops in prisons and have had a positive response too.
Feedback - from Sue Appleton of Graybeardswood, Nanternis.
"Amanda Painting has worked with us regularly as both a facilitator and support role with clients with severe mental health issues.   She is a professional in her art and craft-MUSIC providing excellent training and support, empowering the clients to work with her in all aspects from decision-making to music-making and recording. Her manner and sense of humour engage the individual and groups alike to explore their own creativity within a safe supportive environment. She is reliable, punctual and flexible, able to meet the needs of the clients at all times."

My exciting plan alongside that for the Autumn is to begin music workshops in schools including lots of fun (what else,if I'm in charge?!) some Musical Workshops for Schoolsstretching and warm up vocal exercises, ending the session with a guided relaxation, (all on the floor!) and some techniques to take home with them to continue what they've learnt. In a world loaded with TV, mobile phones, computers and all their games, kids miss out on the one thing they could do with the most to keep them balanced healthy and happy .. doing nothing. And boy do they love that part! 

The idea for that particular workshop began as best things often do,by mistake! I’d turned up at the local school to coach the choir but unusually had slept in, time only to dress and go, no morning cuppa. Worst of all, I’d missed out on my 10 minutes of focused relaxing. I was going to slip out to the car and do it and then thought I could involve the kids. They were all charging around screaming and shouting before the bell rang. They needed it more than I did! 

So we began with a guided relaxation, story time, but with eyes closed and their mouths too! TOTAL SILENCE for around 12 minutes from a bunch of 6-9 year olds. The headmaster couldn’t believe it, and the next time I turned up the kids wanted to do it again .. and they wanted to sing too. 

I was asked me to be their official accompanist for the Urdd Eisteddfod ( a movement for children and young people organising a range of different activities across Wales through the medium of Welsh). I quickly realised that some of the fun exercises and skills I’d learnt on the course now had a very real place. 

Musical Workshop ExperienceLearning the set piece for the kids' choir became fun for them, and not a chore. During the Urdd's (music competition) second round, we were up against six other choirs with 15 or 20 pupils singing, all flapping around nervously backstage. My choir of only 6 children stood quietly - and went onto claim 2nd prize! 

I was also the rehearsal pianist for a local show "Don't Cut The Weaselwort" and also played in the band for their four performances at our local theatre, great fun!
Enjoyed by all age groups!