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My Life My Dice OK is the very first workshop of its kind at Morfa Isaf, anywhere in fact!

Based around my music show which I’ve written and performed, I have developed a weekend course including music and self development. Taking the courage to follow our dreams, will find us on a journey of self discovery, uncovering the many reasons why we push those dreams aside to “get on with life.”

Together, with the strength of a like minded group, we’ll be able to witness what really makes us tick and leave behind what doesn’t.

We will certainly spend time learning the meaning of coincidences. Why do some things just seem to happen “coincidentally?” This is a subject which has quite literally changed my life beyond anything that words could ever explain.

Typical YurtThe intimate setting of my yurt (present to self!) in the tranquil countryside here is a place of peace and calming energy. There will be lots of time to discuss, share and explore the things which matter most to us. We will also be able to go walking surrounded by stunning views of the sea and our own beach. Or you may want some time and space alone to reflect. And of course if you’re with me, we’ll definitely find time to laugh, play and have some fun!
Most importantly, these few days will be an opportunity to BE YOURSELF, to roll your own dice. This is all that Life asks of you.

May 9th -11th

VENUE:  Morfa Isaf Farm Guest House | Llangrannog  |  Ceredigion  |  SA44 6RS

Your 3 days will include accommodation (subject to availability) in either;

  • The farm’s 18th century traditional and popular B&B
  • A beautiful Gypsy Caravan with a converted barn featured in Country Living as well as in The Daily Mail who selected it as one of the best places to stay in the World for a honeymoon
  • Sonia, the boat by the sea also with a barn conversion. She enjoys a sea view but is not on water – she looks as though she has been “washed up” in a paddock. She was named in The Times Top 50 cottages and No 1 in their Top 10 quirky cottages and beach houses. We were also blessed with a flattering write-up in The Guardian

A delicious full cooked breakfast, lunch and evening meal are included in the price, (please advise if there are any special dietary requirements). All the food will be home cooked by my special friend Sue.
Refreshments will be served during the day and you are welcome to bring your own wine for the evening meal.

The group size will be a maximum of 8 places so book early to avoid disappointment. Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And for a more personal touch, please telephone me on 01239 654699

Come and enjoy a weekend of music, fun and laughter and most importantly just being you.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”     Oscar Wilde

It has been my dream to develop the farm and my music into retreats and workshops which I can share with you. With the help of my yurt and the magical space it offers, along with the gorgeous property I’m blessed to live in not to mention the mixture of interesting people who often seem to congregate here, the decision to join me could be the first day of the rest of your miraculous life. Or might it just be a coincidence that you’re reading this??


‘Amanda is one of the most inspirational and visionary people I know. Her creativity as an outstanding musician & her integrative understanding of metaphysics seeps into her business development, with unique and innovative ideas. She finds the resources and tenacity to bring her dreams to fruition; such as her One Woman Show My Life, My Dice OK or Sonia the Boat & the Romany Caravan, both overlooking the Llangrannog seas. Her generosity of spirit and warm, supportive nature draw people to Morfa Isaf in much the same way as dolphins & mermaids are drawn to the bay in wonder. Amanda Painting is nothing short of magical!’

Cheryl Beer Songwriter, author, film maker, artistic director


 We have had a brilliant and very educational stay. It has been almost a “laff” a minute from the moment we stepped over the door to sadly leaving. Don’t ever change Mandy, it’s what makes this beautiful home so quirky and unique!

Sarah and Claire (B&B guests), August 2013


Workshop Prices (per person)


  • Double bedded ensuite room (double occupancy) £155.00 pp  -  Double bedded ensuite room (single) £195.00 
  • Twin bedded room (double occupancy) £130.00 pp - Twin bedded room (single occupancy) £160.00


Sonia "the boat" (double occupancy) £175.00 pp Sonia the boat (single occupancy) £215.00

Gypsy Caravan (double occupancy) £175.00 pp Gypsy caravan (single occupancy) £215.00


Workshop only - £100



YURT: Russian: Yurta, Mongolian: Ger - which means dwelling or house.






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