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My Life My Dice OK is a pioneering one woman show bringing together almost 30 years of Amanda's passion surrounding her musical career with her passion for metaphysics. Both worlds apart in many ways with entertaining starting "at home" before putting yourself "out there" and metaphysics teaching us what's "out there"and how to bring it home. "Or was it just home in the first place?" Amanda quips. "Maybe I'm just one big house party waiting to happen"!


Metaphysics is a subject unknown to some and considered off the wall or too deep and meaningful by others. However, Amanda successfully delivers it in a light hearted way through piano, singing and her own personal story...and of course her ready wit which accompanies her 24/7. Be prepared to laugh and cry as she reveals the joy of being true to yourself and the importance of following your dreams with some techniques to get you started.

Amanda's own dream is coming true as My Life My Dice OK plans to hit the road. "We're all our own house parties waiting to happen! I'd love you to come to mine, thanks."


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