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Amanda's Album
{audio}leroy.mp3{/audio}Bad Leroy Brown  (MP3 version/2mins)  
{audio}nice.mp3{/audio}Nice ’n Easy       (MP3 version/1min 52secs) 
{audio}vain.mp3{/audio}You’re So Vain   (MP3 version/1min 15secs)
{audio}mack.mp3{/audio}Mack the Knife   (MP3 version/2min 11secs) 
{audio}atj.mp3{/audio}And All That Jazz      (MP3 version/2min 05secs) 
{audio}alym.mp3{/audio}Ar Lan y Môr       (MP3 version/1min 30secs) 
{audio}bs.mp3{/audio}A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square   (MP3 version/2min 03secs) 
{audio}ctta.mp3{/audio}They Can’t Take That Away From Me    (MP3 version/1min 15secs) 
{audio}fen.mp3{/audio}Fences   (MP3 version/1min 02secs) written by Jon Turner of Back Bedroom Studios 
{audio}lver.mp3{/audio}La Vie En Rose       (MP3 version/2min 40secs) 
{audio}ofmb.mp3{/audio}One For My Baby   (MP3 version/1min 27secs) 
{audio}pearl.mp3{/audio}Pearl’s A Singer     (MP3 version/1min 07secs) 
{audio}sos.mp3{/audio}Sounds of Silence   (MP3 version/ 47secs) 
{audio}rose.mp3{/audio}The Rose   (MP3 version/1min 40secs) 
{audio}su.mp3{/audio}Straighten Up And Fly Right   (MP3 version/1min 15secs)
{audio}omo.mp3{/audio}On My Own (MP3 version - Short Sample) 

Amanda sings Amazing Grace, and talks about a moving and uplifting life experience. 
{audio}schron.mp3{/audio}SINGchronicity To Die For   (MP3 version/6mins 42secs)


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