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On My Own - Music CD by Amanda Painting"As far as my profession goes, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I won't settle for second best if something better is out there. I wanted the best studio around - not easy living out in the sticks - and a really good critic to help me put down the tracks as well as record them. I also knew I would need help in the creation of an album cover. 

Everything I needed began to unfold in front of me, starting with Jon Turner at Back Bedroom Studio. I couldn't believe my luck. Not only was he only a few miles down the road, but we hit it off immediately, and his excellent reputation turned out to be extremely well deserved. 

A couple of weeks into the making of this CD, I had a call from a friend I hadn't spoken to for years. After enquiring what he was doing these days he replied that he was designing CD covers - amazing! The cover photo was taken at a secluded beach situated at the edge of the farm cliffs at Llangrannog where I was brought up, and where I still live. 

I may have been smiling for the camera, but in fact I was soaked from the waist down having lost my footing jumping over the small stream which runs down the middle of the beach!" 

Fans of Amanda's music have been delighted with this album. Working in the studio allowed her to put the vocal and instrumental tracks down seperately. Worth mentioning is Track 14, Amazing Grace, which Amanda sang at her father's funeral. 

If you are a lover of beautifully arranged and well-produced easy-listening music, then this CD is definitely for you.


What a Wonderful World - (Weiss/Douglas)   
On My Own - (Schönberg/Boublil/Kretzmer)  {audio}omo.mp3{/audio} 
If You Go Away - (J.Brel/R McKuen)   
Just The Way You Are - (B.Joel)   
Send In The Clowns - (Sondheim)   
Les Feuilles Mortes - (Kosma/Prevert/Mercer)   
Windmills Of Your Mind - (M.Legrand/Bergman/Bergman)  
Bye Bye Love - (Bryant/Bryant)   
Sometimes When We Touch - D.Hill/Mann)   
Can't Help Lovin′ Dat Man - (Kern/Hammerstein) {audio}chl.mp3{/audio}
Wind Beneath My Wings - (Henley/Silbar) {audio}wbmw.mp3{/audio} 
Mack The Knife - (K.Weil/Brecht/Blitzstein)  
The Way We Were - (M.Hamlisch/A.Bergman-M.Bergman) {audio}twww.mp3{/audio} 
Amazing Grace - Traditional (Newton)  
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